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We help you to solve your business process problems

Make your business more efficient and effective with Lean Six Sigma training or process improvement workshops.

If your business has broken processes that take too long, cost too much, have errors, don’t add value or have too much variation, Lean 6 Sigma can help. Our training courses deliver the process improvement tools that your people can apply straight away that result in  delighted customers and an improved bottom line. Here’s how we do it.

Lean Six Sigma training courses

Learn how to improve business processes and  create more customer value by eliminating waste, improving process flow and speed.

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Workshop facilitation

Get the right process improvements faster by using us to run improvement projects and workshops for you.

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Flexible training options to suit your situation

Lean 6 Sigma offers Lean and Lean Six Sigma training leading to internationally recognised certification in White Belt for programme sponsors, leadership team and process owners, Yellow Belt for team members participating in process improvement, Green Belt for process improvement project leaders and Black Belt for process improvement mentors and coaches.

Talk to us about in-house training for your team.