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10 reasons to become a Green Belt

by Lean 6 Sigma

08 19, 2015 | Posted in Good reads | 0 comments

  1. Companies are seeking to use Green Belts qualified in Lean Six Sigma to solve problems
  2. Candidates will become process improvement practitioners in eliminating waste and improving flow (lean tools) and reducing defects and process variation (six sigma tools)
  3. A Green Belt qualification is internationally recognised
  4. Green Belts can develop from being ‘change agents’ to become continuous improvement leaders
  5. It’s a pathway course to becoming a Black Belt
  6. The process uses a proven intuitive structure and roadmap called Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control (DMAIC) which belts find logical to follow
  7. Green Belts will see things differently and learn new tools including being able to evaluate customer requirements, sources of variation, root cause and how to sustain project benefits
  8. Learning how to facilitate acceptance of change will become a new life skill
  9. Green Belts will understand how to accelerate projects and increase team engagement
  10. The training course is fun and interactive with lots of simulation and case studies

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