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Lean and Lean Six Sigma training courses

Delivered at your workplace

Whether you’re in an office, service or operational environment, our process improvement courses will help your business operate more efficiently.

And, our hands-on approach includes your projects in training. As a result, your people learn the fundamentals of process improvement and problem solving and you get practical solutions to the challenges you face, for immediate implementation.

The outcome – completed projects.

Talk to us about the problems you need to solve and we’ll put together a training solution to give the right people the right skills. Here’s how we work

We offer Lean and Lean Six Sigma training and internationally recognised certification at Yellow, Green, Black and White Belt levels but it’s our focus on the practical application of these methodologies in your business that makes the difference.

  • White Belt – programme sponsors, leadership team and process owners
  • Yellow Belt – team members participating in process improvement
  • Green Belt  – process improvement practitioners
  • Black Belt – process improvement leaders and coaches