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12 quick questions

by Lean 6 Sigma

08 14, 2015 | Posted in Good reads | 0 comments

Most businesses tackle new projects to make improvements. To sell more, waste less, save time, perform better. But, a huge number of important projects struggle to get traction or just flat out fail.

Answer yes or no to these 12 questions to find out how you’re doing.

  1. The boss is on board and wants it done
  2. The project is aligned to the business plan or strategy
  3. The benefits have been estimated and appear substantial
  4. The project is planned to be finished inside six months (they always are by the way…..)
  5. You have identified the customers and asked them what they really want.
  6. You have collected some data on your output metric (the big Y) and used this to create desire for the project.
  7. You have walked and mapped  the process yourself not just accepted the existing dogeared flow charts
  8. You plan to get to the root causes using the 5 whys not just stick with the issues
  9. You plan to trial and pilot your ideas before going broadscale.
  10. You plan to carry out some audits using managers from other areas to sustain the gains.
  11. You have meditated every day to prevent the management structure being reorganised and lose interest in your project
  12. You started on DAY 1 to consider the cultural acceptance of your project and what change acceptance tools could be used to help that occur.

How many ‘yes’ answers did you get?

10-12: No need for Lean Six Sigma, you’re doing fine on your own!
4-9: You could use a hand and we can help to get your projects back on track. Talk to us.
1-3: You’re doomed! Let’s talk about how we can help.

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