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Public Green Belt Practitioner

The Public Green Belt Practitioner three day course follows on from the two day Public Yellow Belt training course.

Target audience

Individuals who have attended the Yellow Belt course and are looking to progress towards becoming a Green Belt practitioner.

Course pre-requisites

Yellow Belt trained – ideally certified. An interest in co-leading process improvement projects.


What’s included

Public Green Belt Practitioners apply the Lean Six Sigma roadmap  Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control  (DMAIC) and tools to complete an in-class case study project including:

  • Create an effective project contract
  • Increase the probability of project buy-in
  • Establish customer high level needs
  • Assess the change requirements and create a change plan
  • Use mapping techniques to record and propose improvements
  • Collect basic data and estimate  the existing process capability
  • Identify sources of variation
  • Establish the root cause of issues and propose solutions
  • Test and implement solutions
  • Standardise the improved process using visual control as appropriate
  • Set up control features to quantify the improvements and sustain the gains
Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt training - public course

On completion of the GB Practitioner course candidates will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Lean and Six Sigma and how this can be applied to ‘real world’ examples
  • How to navigate through assignments using the roadmap Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control (DMAIC)
  • A practical understanding of the key roadmap topics and tools including:
    • How to scope, project manage using gate reviews and raise an effective project contract
    • Change acceptance techniques to ensure the project has buy-in
    • Recognising both internal and external Customer high level needs
    • Mapping techniques to record and propose improvements to the current state
    • Using data to provide tangible measurements
    • Establishment of the current capability of the process
    • How to identify issues
    • Prioritising the key inputs and getting to the root cause
    • Developing solutions that have a line of sight back to the customer requirements
    • Performing tests and trials to evaluate your solutions
    • Applying controls to sustain your improvements
  • Become a certified process improvement practitioner in eliminating waste and improving flow (lean tools) and reducing defects and process variation (six sigma tools)
  • Understand what’s needed to become an ‘agent of change’.

How to certify

  • Certify as a Yellow Belt practitioner
  • Attend three days Green Belt practitioner training
  • Passing an individual open book multi-choice test (on the third day of training)
  • Submit an individual assignment based on a provided case study process improvement project to show knowledge and application of the DMAIC roadmap and tools.

We run public courses throughout the year. Check our course calendar to see when the next course is coming up. Questions? Please contact us.