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Public Yellow Belt Practitioner Course

The Public Yellow Belt is a two-day Lean course – an introduction to the principles of lean and how to apply them.

Target audience

Individuals requiring a foundation course on process improvement using lean roadmaps and tools suitable for both service and operational environments.

This course can be attended as a standalone two day Public Yellow Belt or count as a pathway towards the public Green Belt course.

Course pre-requisites

An interest in process improvement and lean techniques – looking to increase personal capability in problem solving

What’s included

  • Lean principles
  • What does best practise lean look like?
  • Lean roadmap Plan/Do/Check/Act
  • Lean toolkit including Problem Statement, Measurements, Objectives, A3 preparation, Scoping, Voice of the Customer, Process mapping, 7 Wastes, Data capture, Cause and effect diagram (Fishbone), Priority matrix for issues, Root Cause analysis (5 Why’s), Solutions action plan, 5S Workplace organisation, Tests and Trials, Implementing flow (future state), Standardise and Visual control
  • Change acceptance tools
  • Have a go – using the lean roadmap and tools on a lean simulation and a case study project (provided)
Lean 6 Sigma training courses - Yellow Belt

Learning outcomes

Participants will learn how to

  • Start to become a lean thinker
  • Apply lean principles to everyday processes
  • Get started and navigate through a process improvement
  • Use the key lean tools
  • Recognise when change acceptance plans are needed
  • Be able to participate in a process improvement project

How to certify as a Yellow Belt

Candidates will qualify as a Yellow Belt Practitioner certificate by

  • Completing the two days training
  • Passing an individual open book multi-choice test (on the second day of training)
  • Submit an individual assignment based on a provided case study process improvement project to show knowledge and application of some lean tools and the PDCA roadmap.

We run public courses throughout the year. Check our course calendar to see when the next course is coming up. Questions? Please contact us.