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In-house Yellow Belt

The In-house Yellow Belt is a one-day Lean course – an introduction to the principles of lean and how to apply them in your workplace.

Target audience

Team members/team leaders/managers requiring a foundation course on process improvement using lean roadmaps and tools suitable for both service and operational environments.

This course can be attended as a standalone one day Yellow Belt or count as day 1 pathway towards  the Green Belt course.

Course pre-requisites

An interest in process improvement and problem solving – maybe a problem to fix?

What’s included

  • Lean principles
  • Lean roadmap Plan/Do/Check/Act
  • Lean toolkit
  • Change acceptance
  • Have a go – using the lean roadmap and tools on a sample project or lean simulation
Lean Yellow Belt public course

Learning outcomes

Participants will learn how to

  • Start to become a lean thinker
  • Apply lean principles to everyday processes
  • Get started and navigate through a process improvement
  • Use the key lean tools
  • Recognise when change acceptance plans are needed

How to certify as a Yellow Belt

Candidates will receive a Yellow Belt certificate for attending the one day course and showing post training evidence in their learning log that they have taken part in a project and used some of the tools.

Benefits of an In-house training solution

Running a course In-house will result in additional benefits such as significantly lower cost per candidate, focussed training agenda, flexible schedule to suit service/operational needs and ability to work directly on company process improvement projects during the training.

Talk to us about the problems you need to solve and we’ll put together a training solution to give the right people the right skills. Contact us