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Blending lean six sigma and change tools

If you’re not sure what your business should train on, you’re not alone.

We will help to guide you where there is a choice of  roadmaps and toolkits  – here’s our headline checklist:


  • ‘broken’ processes that aren’t too complex
  • processes have too many steps/handoffs and don’t flow
  • some of the 7 wastes are evident eg wastes due  Transportation, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, Over-production, Over-processing, Defects (TIMWOOD)
  • lead times are too long
  • smaller incremental change is required
  • workplace organisation needs improving
  • workplace culture is affecting process performance

Lean Six Sigma

  • where identifying the issues requires more than brainstorming and would benefit from some data analysis
  • more analysis is required of the ‘broken’ process
  • process variation needs to be fixed
  • cost is critical to customer satisfaction
  • the process improvement is more complex (cross functional/cross site)
  • the project has high impact net benefits ($)
  • more control is required to sustain the improved process

Design for Six Sigma

  • where  a new (or substantially refreshed) concept is required for a product or service
  • where the houses of quality can be used to provide a link between the customer requirements and design features

Change Management

The numerous  case study problem solving projects that have been completed all confirm one thing – process improvement is not just about the technical tools – it’s also about change.

All courses use proven change techniques alongside the technical toolkits to clarify what change is occurring and what’s the best course of action to deal with any resistance that could affect buy-in or acceptance of the process improvement.

Whether separate or combined Lean and Six Sigma blended with our change management coaching provide the ultimate problem-solving toolkit;

  • a roadmap for navigation and a disciplined series of steps and phases
  • a comprehensive set of tools aimed at improving the quality and/or throughput of a process
  • a change management toolkit that sits alongside the technical tools to manage cultural acceptance

The outcome – robust and efficient improvements that are adopted by the team and deliver  added value for your customers.

Talk to us about the problems you need to solve and we’ll put together a training solution to give the right people the right skills. Contact us