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Process improvement – getting started.

by Lean 6 Sigma

10 31, 2017 | Posted in Good reads | 0 comments

Businesses naturally want to improve their  processes – who wouldn’t?  But what are the indicators to suggest process improvement would be a good option and where should we start?  What are the building blocks to make sure we set off in the right direction? The following list of questions will start to provide a framework for your process improvement initiatives:

  1. Are there ‘effects’ evident to suggest process improvements may be needed? eg process inefficiencies, internal or external customer complaints and/or defective service or product delivery?
  2. Do we need to carry out some investigations to establish the ’causes’ of these issues? (if the solutions are known then they should be implemented!)
  3. Is the senior team aware and showing a desire to fix some of the problems ?
  4. Are potential improvement projects  aligned to the business plans or strategies?
  5. Have the benefits  been estimated and appear substantial enough?
  6. Is an improvement project realistic and likely to be finished inside say six months?
  7. Have you have identified and spoken to any of the internal or external process customers?
  8. Have you have collected any data or evidence on the output metric or is it mainly anecdotal?
  9. Has anyone have walked and mapped  the process to check it out?
  10. Now you know if it is a valid process to fix – then you can ask who shall we assign/train to fix it?

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