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It's our focus on solving process problems that makes the difference

We help you to solve real process improvement problems.  Train you to transition a process from a problematic current position to a more efficient future state and to sustain the improvements in performance.

Whether you have processes that take too long, cost too much, have too much waste or your improvement projects struggle to gain traction, our Lean and Lean Six Sigma training and workshop coaching will help.

What we do

  • What matters?

    To achieve effective change, we start by helping you to identify what’s really of value to your customer.

  • Tackle the important tasks

    We’ll show you how to streamline the processes that will make the most difference.

  • Power to the people

    We’ll help you achieve a key lean principle – engagement and empowerment of anyone involved in the process change

  • Repeat, repeat, repeat

    Our training leaves you with the tools and skills to achieve sustainable continuous improvement and to manage change as it happens.

When you train with us, it’s hands-on, practical and focussed on your situation

Practical, hands-on application

How we can work with you

  • In-house company programmes

    We come to you, anywhere in New Zealand.

  • Small class public courses

    delivered in a major NZ centre.


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