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Use Lean 6 Sigma to run your workshops and improvement projects for you

Get the right process improvements faster by using us to run rapid improvement projects and workshops for you.

Companies often need help with improving processes to serve their customers. If your people aren’t familiar with how to tackle process improvement, you’ll find that using us to facilitate the process will let you achieve your goals in far less time than tackling the whole job yourself.

What can we do for you?

We will provide navigation for your process improvement assignment using Lean Six Sigma roadmaps and tools and help secure improvements quickly.

We play the role you want us to play; this usually means helping, guiding and delivering but not taking the job off you.

We are happy to lead meetings, run workshops and complete improvement tasks but remember… your participation in the process improvement is important for sustaining any changes.

We have helped organisations hold workshops on a range of improvement topics to communicate, increase awareness and capture ideas  through participation and collaboration.

We keep your team on track and focussed and maximise the value everyone gets from the time spent in the workshop.

If you are seeking to hold an improvement event, forum, conference or workshop and need help with the delivery and facilitation, then call us.

If you are seeking some new ideas to make your workshop event something different then Hannah Reed who joined Lean6Sigma in 2017 is also a certified Yoga and Aerial Yoga instructor just call us.